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The Westerlands is a kingdom of Westeros encompassing the central-western portion of the Seven Kingdoms. The kingdom is famous for its wealth from its many gold and silver mines as well as its trade and fertile land. The liege lords of the Westerlands are the Lannisters, lead by Tywin.

Land and Geography

The Westerlands is located in the upper central-western portion of Westeros, just south of the Neck. West of the Trident and North of the Reach, the kingdom spreads from Lannisport to Ironman’s Bay. The Goldroad marks the southern border and the Red Fork marks the eastern.

The land in the Kingdom is mountainous and hilly, with rich valleys and farms that provide food to its people. Gold and silver mines populate the land, leading to the growth of many cities. When the mines run dry, these cities can become ghost towns, a common sight in the Westerlands.


According to Legend, the Casterlys, led by Corlos, founded Casterly Rock. It is said he slew a family of lions within a cave but spared the cubs, and the gods were so pleased with this action that a beam of light illuminated a wide gold vein in the murky cavern. He and his family moved in soon after, and they began to mine the rich gold veins. It is a common rumor that Lann the Clever managed to trick the Casterlys out of their home and took it for his own. There are many different variations of this tale, including an attack by lions initiated by Lann, turning the Casterly's against each other, or even bedding Casterly women until The Rock was full of golden haired children. It is assumed by certain Maesters that Lann was a retainer of Lord Casterly, and that he was able to marry Casterly's eldest daughter. Having no sons, Casterly Rock was inherited by Lann and his wife, and soon after
Hear Me Roar

Lannisters began to appear. It is unknown which of these tales are true, but the result is still the same.
The Lannisters descend from Lann the Clever. His many descendants overflowed The Rock and founded Lannisport, one of Westeros’ largest port cities. As kings, the Lannisters were able to repel Andal invasions twice. On the third invasion, the Great House prevented conflict by intermarrying with the invaders. However, the Lannisters would not remain kings forever, bending knee to the Targaryans after the Field of Fire. The Targaryans would install the Lannisters as liege lords and as the wardens of the West. The power of both the house and of the kingdom would be influx. Recent leadership under Lord Tywin has led to the flourishing of the land under his stern, but mighty hand.

Gender Politics and Hereditary Issues

The Westerlands holds an Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture. Under this, women can only inherit if there are no legitmate male heirs.
Women gain power through husbands, fathers and their ability to produce male heirs. Smart and clever women, such as Ellyn Tarbeck, can trick their way into power, especially those who maintain family ties.

Wealth and Class

The Westerlands are a wealthy and prosperous kingdom due to an abundance of Gold and Silver mines. The land is rich and fertile, allowing for the farming of nuts, berries, turnips and similar crops Farmers herd sheep, cattle, and goats, and deer are aplenty for hunters. Fisherfolk provide bountiful catches in the rivers and water bodies.

Though the mines are a primary source of income, the Westerland economy is also fueled by trade. Lannisport is the third largest port in Westeros, behind Old Town and kings landing. Smaller houses can also trade along the rivers with Riverrun and other riverlands settlements.

Running a mine can be dangerous business for Westerland citizens, as mines can run dry and leave behind empty ghost towns--its owners left with what little wealth they could bring with them.

The Future of the Westerlands

Farmers and smallfolk are beginning to move into cities in the Westerlands, in hopes of catching a piece of the Lannister's wealth. Lesser houses can become greater houses, and simple merchants can become landed or even begin houses of their own, such as the Spicers.

Strong ties to King's landing ensure future trade and wealth. If there is any strife within Westeros, Tywin will rally Westerland forces to bring further glory to the kingdom.