TheRedHall.jpgType of structure:

Central Hall and Lord's Seat in Castle Bloodstone.

Description and inhabitants:

The Red Hall is a massive chamber at the heart of Castle Bloodstone, with eight pillars holding up the distant ceiling carved with monuments to an ancient age. All but one pillar is covered with names, some carved by Giant hand, most by human, Lords and Kings from the Age of Heroes to the War of the Usurper. Each name is the General or Leader who attempted to conquer Caslte Bloodstone and failed.

The Red Hall is usually empty save when the Lord holds court and hears the complaints of his subjects, or during special occasions. During tournaments, jousts have been held in the hall, along with the melee or the Vitarrion preferred contests of archery. Feasts likewise have filled the hall, with much of the Vitarrion Host being able to fit within.

History and Name:

The Red Hall is named for the raw red rock that makes up its construction. Carved from the very mountainside, it was once the seat of the Giant King of the Red Mountains. There began the tradition of writing the name of failed conquerors upon the pillars that held up the hall, with some of the oldest names being giants and First Men. House Vitarrion kept the tradition, with even Storm Kings being named during the period in which the Vitarrions became the Mountain Kings.