Name: Maester GalustanMaester Galustan.jpg
Age: 44
House: Vitarrion
Kingdom: Stormlands

When Galustan was a youth in Oldtown, he was fascinated with the stories of ancient knights and the age of heroes. Knowing he would never join their number as the son of a poor fish merchant, he said goodbye to his father and joined the Maesters at the Citadel.

Galustan proved a brilliant young lad, pleasing his mentors with the adeptness with which he threw himself into his studies. However they always felt his talents were misplaced, as he often focused on ancient legends and lore rather than newer more relevant topics. In addition he had some queer beliefs on matters of mind and body, insistent that one could only have a strong mind if one's body remained strong, putting himself through a regimen more akin to a man-at-arms than a man of learning. By the time he became a Maester proper and began forging his chain, it was no surprise (though cause for exasperation) he forged a Valyrian Steel link to represent his knowledge of the occult mysteries.

Galustan was something of a staple (and a joke) among Oldtown, often seen taking long early morning jogs even as he advanced into his thirtieth year. When word came of Robert's Rebellion, he immediately set off into Westeros at large (without any resistance from those he petitioned at the Citadel) to 'see an era in the making'.

Traveling with various armies, claiming neutrality, Galustan served as a field doctor and often went through sacked castles and towns to ensure books and lore were not lost in the looting. He became somewhat infamous for his habit of beating soldiers with his staff and claiming books they were trying to strip of gold-enlaid covers or clasps.

Ultimately at the Battle of the Trident Galustan was on the losing side of the river, and as Robert's army chased after the fleeing loyalists, they overwhelmed the small field hospital the Maester was working in. He overcame a pair of knights that had come to kill their enemies, and a confused group of soldiers prepared to storm the hospital when a wounded Caros Vitarrion arrived.

Galustan demanded forgiveness and mercy for his patients, and Caros was impressed by the man's tenacity. He agreed, on the condition Galustan provide him medical attention as well. Talking, they impressed one another with their respective outlooks, and Galustan was excited at the prospect of being able to look through the lore of a Castle as storied and ancient as Bloodstone. He came to serve as the head Maester at Bloodstone as the Rebellion drew to a close.

Galustan has great respect for the Vitarrion family, and has managed to maintain the respect of the same through his continued commitment to keeping his body and mind both strong.

Important Abilities, Notable Equipment, Specialties:
A master of many topics, Galustan has forged many links, showing his commitment to a wide field of study. While no true fighter, he is far more spry than most Maesters of his age. He is also one of the finest doctors to ever serve in Castle Bloodstone, helping Caros survive far longer than he might've anywhere but Oldtown itself.