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Name: Maester Benedict
Age: 62
House: House Stahlhardt
Kingdom: Westerlands


Maester Benedict became the maester for House Stahlhardt in 262 AC when he was 26 years old. Anselm Stahlhardt, who was Lord of the house at the time, was advised by his sons Leon and Kristoph that he should send word to the Citadel to acquire a maester. House Stahlhardt had grown enough in the past years to warrant the knowledge and skills a maester offers. As well, Leon and Kristoph were also wary of their father’s commitment to The Faith. They felt he followed it so blindly at times that they needed an opposite force to help him think logically again. And so Maester Benedict was sent. Upon arrival Benedict made it very clear he did not want to be asked about his past life before becoming a maester. He became a maester to cut away that part of him and start fresh. The Stahlhardts agreed and Benedict was instantly a full member of the house. Benedict has been with House Stahlhardt ever since, serving as advisor to Anselm, Leon, and Richter and birthing and schooling all the children of the family. He also acts as steward and keeps track of the houses finances.

Maester Benedict is very kind, gentle, and understanding to all members of House Stahlhardt although he is very cautious and wary of anyone new interacting with the family. He was concerned when both Runa and Darion appeared at the house but after understanding them better he has welcomed them into the family. He is a good judge of character and he takes the time to get to know everyone involved with the family. He studied at the Citadel for almost 13 years before coming to House Stahlhardt and has a broad knowledge of many subjects. He even knew the visiting Maester Gawen when Gawen was but a boy at the Citadel and Benedict was deep in studies. Benedict values truth and honesty and is fairly good at spotting a lie, although a few like Liam and Gawen know how to slip them through. He has taught all the children as well and along with Richter I he attempts to hle mold Richter II into the leader he knows he is capable of becoming. Benedict also commands the Houses Rookery and takes care of all the ravens and messages to and from Summitstone Keep.

Benedict’s past, although shrouded in mystery, has leaked through somewhat to those closest to him. He was born to the lord of a Minor House but it is unclear from what kingdom. He was the second born son to a very oppressive and abusive father who wanted only power and wealth for himself and his house. His older brother was being groomed to take the seat of Lord when their father died, however, his brother died first. During a rather brutal lesson their father killed Benedict’s brother. With Benedict now the heir and scared of what his father would do to him he escaped as quickly as possible and fled. He made it to Oldtown so he could study and learn to be a maester, which was always his dream as a child. And after years of learning, studying, and testing Benedict was awarded the title of Maester Benedict.

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