House Freitas' Crest

Motto: "The Sands Never Settle"

Coat of Arms: Black Scorpion on a Red and Gold Per Pale

Realm: Dorne

Liege: Prince Doran Martell

House History

During Robert’s Rebellion, House Byre rallied all their bannermen in support of the Martells at the Battle of the Trident. During the battle, Lady Isabel Byre fought alongside Prince Lewyn Martell of the Kingsguard, who was mortally wounded on the field. Defending the wounded Prince, a Knight of the Vale cracked Lady Byre’s armor with a mace and broke her rib. Andres Freitas, a footman under the Byre banner, was killed defending the wounded Lady Byre while she was escorted to safety. In honor of Andres’ valiant sacrifice at the Trident, Lady Byre granted his son, Alistar, titles and land at the tip of The Broken Arm to the west of Ghost Hill.

Towards the end of Robert’s Rebellion, the Lannisters betrayed the Royalists and murdered the Mad King. During the sack of King’s Landing, two Lannister knights murdered the captive Princess Elia Martell and her children. Still grieving for his father’s death, Lord Alistar Freitas was driven mad by the feeling of shame, distrust, and failure caused by the Lannister’s traitorous motions. Lord Freitas zealously supported Oberyn Martell in his attempts to continue the war in the name of Viserys Targaryen, but the efforts were squandered by Prince Doran Martell’s peace agreements with Jon Arryn. House Freitas’ hate for the rebels and traitors lingers undiminished despite their Liege Lord’s demand for peace. Their craving for vengeance remains unanswered, and the sands never settle.

With a house being built up from vengeance, there is never a missed opportunity for the Freitas to deceive and kill Lannister affiliates. On 283-04-13, there was a peace offering sent to the Lannister's bannermen inviting them to visit the gambling den on the island Bloodstone called the Sand Sweep. The Freitas' spent the coming days planning and awaiting the arrival of the bannermen. When they were to arrive, the Freitas' would mount their horses and attack. Unfortunately, the Lannister bannermen saw through the ruse and refused to come to Dorne.

Though the attempt to kill the Lannister's bannermen with a fake treaty was ultimately a failure, the Martells admired the effort. They were impressed and decided to grant the Freitas House full control of the Sand Sweep. Following the acquisition of Sand Sweep, The Red Port was constructed along the Sea of Dorne to the south-east of Stillwell.

Recent History

Though House Freitas is fairly new, there has already been a clear display of political dominance. The crest, split red and gold with a black scorpion, was placed under scrutiny for having forbidden features. However, the accusers failed to realize the fact that Dorne does not follow tradition and instead forges its own path. Banners are used to distinguish houses during battle, but it is said that if you see the Dornish scorpion coming, you've already been stung.

Player Characters

Evelyn Freitas
Devarra Freitas
Lilianna Freitas
Byryn Highsun
Reidyn Sand

Freitas Family Tree.png

Geography and Features

House Freitas is located in the village of Stillwell along the coastline of The Broken Arm, which consists of rocky, sandstone cliffs. This location doesn't bode well for farming, but is easily defended from invaders. To the west of the hold are sweltering deserts and to the east are the dangerous islands referred to as The Stepstones. To bolster their defense of the west, House Freitas established a military outpost in one of the local ruins on the outskirts of their lands called Bleachbone Keep. To aid their defense along the coastline, House Freitas established the Scorpion’s Eye which serves as a look out point against invaders from the sea.

Although the seas are littered rocky islands, House Freitas has utilized its coastline and established a fairly successful port named The Red Port. It serves as a center for the house’s trade and commerce.


First founding:
  • War of the Usurper

Historical Events
  1. Madness (Murder of Princess Elia)
  2. Scandal (Conspiracy of Lannister bannermen Death)
  3. Infrastructure (Sand Sweep)
  4. Infrastructure (The Red Port)


Defense: 19
  • Tower (Scorpion's Eye)

Influence: 19
  • Second Daughter
  • Other Child

Lands: 27
  • Plains
  • Island (Sand Sweep)
  • Ruins (Bleachbone Keep)
  • Coastline

Law: 19

Pirates pose an occasional threat to the trade vessels along the fringes. The rocky terrain of The Stepstones provides excellent hideouts for pirates to escape from patrolling ships and stash their stolen goods.

Population: 25

The village of Stillwell has an average number of denizens by Dornish standards. Most townsfolk live in small-sized hovels and travel frequently between Stillwell and The Red Port.

Power: 46
  • One Banner House
  • Two Veteran Guerrillas
  • One Elite Cavalry

Wealth: 23
  • Port (The Red Port)
  • Marketplace