Depiction of Bleachbone Keep

Type of structure

Bleachbone Keep is a castle ruin to the west of Stillwell.

Description and inhabitants

A mid-size castle built from sandstone, it squats in the middle of the desert, deteriorating steadily over time. Skulls and bones, bleached-white from the scorching sun, are inlaid in the stone and cover the outer wall entirely. Parts of the inner walls and ceilings have collapsed, some areas reduced to little more than rubble. Despite this, Bleachbone is still quite livable. It was occupied by House Freitas in 287, and functions as a secondary military outpost, guarding against attacks from the desert (rare as they may be).

Those posted in Bleachbone are said to live quite comfortably. Though they serve much longer stints, and see even less action, than their brothers (and sisters) in Scorpion's Eye, many find serving in the Keep far more preferable. Travelling to or from Bleachbone Keep is considered to be quite dangerous; not only must one traverse the treacherous desert, braving sandstorms and scorpions alike, but it is also rather difficult to locate the castle from a distance, as it quite effectively blends into the surrounding desert.

History and Name

Originally the seat of power for a Dornish king, the lord of House Moreno, in the time when the First Men were still settling the continent, Bleachbone Keep was not named as such until much later in its history. There are no existing records that name it prior, however.

It was originally thought to be quite the fortress in its time. Lord Moreno, who called himself a king though he ruled over little else, boasted that its brilliant design made it impregnable, even from the attacks of the largest armies. To the surprise of no one, within a few short months of its construction the castle was marched on by an invading army. Led by the lord of House Costas, they were 700 men strong, far outnumbering the 200 men of House Moreno defending the Keep.

The battle lasted eight days and, true to Lord Moreno’s word, the castle held. On the eighth day, by which point Lord Costas’ army was suffering from severe dehydration and countless cases of heat stroke, the defending army marched out to meet them on the battlefield. At this time, people say, the gods decided to strike down both sides, enraged by their tactless strategies. A sudden sandstorm hit, decimating both sides.

Later occupants used the skeletons of the armies to line the outer walls of the castle to intimidate their enemies, and named it Bleachbone Keep. The castle itself was abandoned for over a hundred years before falling into the possession of House Freitas.


Ruin: 3 land