Heather by Jumei.jpgName: Anora Antirran
House: House Antirran
Kingdom: The Reach
Image from Jumei on Deviantart

Age: 21
History: Anora Antirran was born to Lord Jarden and Lady Cornella Antirran in Merlot. Outwardly, she is the picture of the perfect lady and heir; inwardly, she is a jealous, spiteful, power-hungry viper ready to use everything and everyone at her disposal to work her way to the top.

She tormented and bullied her younger sister, Owena, in her formulative years, which beat every spark of ambition out of her. In Volantis, she recruited Mira Tamyr, a handmaiden who looks almost exactly like her, in order to use her as a body double. She is cruel and abusive towards Mira, and uses her to achieve her own dirty ends while keeping up her facade of innocence.

When her father remarried after the death of Lady Cornella, Anora was furious. Expecting to be the heir of House Antirran, she was further outraged when Lady Shannyn begat a son, who from birth was considered a more eligible heir before Anora, who had studied and schemed for years in order to be a ruler. She has been betrothed to Terran Dolus, whom she despises and resents, in order to bolster ties between the houses. However, she has refused to be married until her brother comes of age, ensuring that she would still have a chance to inherit her father's lands. Her master plan includes poisoning her half brother slowly, so that he seems to be sick and weak.

Now she seeks to remove all opponents from the equation so she can rise in power as the head of House Antirran and gain even more power.

Important Abilities, Notable Equipment, Specialties: