District: Fleabottom
external image Sketch-Of-A-Ward-At-The-Hospital-At-Scutari,-C.1856.jpg

Category: Professional

Size: Large
Condition: Run-down
Inhabitants: Many, depending on the number of patients and on duty nurses


Amatha's House is a large hospital where many of the ill and poor of Fleabottom go to receive treatment. The building itself is a large structure that has seen better days. It was built about a hundred years ago, during the first Blackfyre Rebellion. Amatha Grafton, a lady who was on the path to become a septa, was upset by the horrors of war and violence, especially for the poor, who had no way of healing themselves. She begged her lord father to gift her a sum of money to build a place in which the sick could be healed. Grudgingly, her father agreed. Amatha already had knowledge of medicine, and welcomed others with the knowledge to come and assist at her hospital. Amatha let it be known over all of King's Landing that any who could not afford to be healed would be welcome to come. Hundreds of people pass through her clinic every day, from poor suffering from plagues, to a minor lord looking for a discreet treatment for his STD. They subside mainly on donations from the Faith, wealthy patrons, and other lords and ladies who would rather send money than arrive in person. The locals began calling it Amatha's House, because she welcomed all of her patients like children.

Amatha's House has since seen better days. The structure has begun to weaken, and many repairs need to be made that cannot be paid for. Inside, the interior is crowded and hot, with as many beds as possible crammed together. The current proprietress is Septa Yvette, who does her best to keep the steady stream of patients healthy everyday. It smells terrible and the nurses do their best to keep it clean. The locals often joke that Amatha's House will be operable until the walls fall down around them.