The Amaranthine Dell, situated between the Blueburn and Cockleswhent Rivers, is a lush, wooded vale of the Reach. It experiences temperate, mild weather all year. The Dell's soft, rolling hills are home to the most productive vineyards in the Reach, most of them owned by House Antirran.

The city of Merlot can be found at the mouth of the Ries, which feeds into the Cockleswhent.


The Amaranthine Dell was populated during the time of Gorus the Grape-Grower, when vineyards started to spring up in the region. It was named for the vibrant red color of Gorus' special grapes. Families flocked to the area in hopes of acquiring land to grow grapes and make a living and a name for themselves, as wine and mead were valuable commodities.

Due to the relatively unguarded population of farmer-folk who lived far from ruling lords, the Dell was plagued intermittently by bandits. After a far-away lord would finally drive off the bandits, the region would be peaceful for a fortnight or two, and then the bandits would return. This continued to happen until the time of the Second Blackfyre Rebellion, when the Antirran family was elevated to lord status and raised a militia.

There is a tale that farmers tell their children in this corner of the Reach. In the days before Antirran lordship, when bandits plagued the vineyards, people would mysteriously disappear. Farmers would awaken and find their wives missing. Mothers would wake to find that their children had been taken. This went on for years until one farmer found an intruder in his house trying to make off with his son. He managed to overpower the criminal and brought him before the town. The bandit never said what happened to the missing people. He was executed by the Ries and his body was thrown into the river. On warm summer nights, after the rains, when mist creeps across the Dell, farmers have reported seeing a headless figure, stumbling near the river. They say that the figure should never be approached, lest he take your head to replace his own.