peasant_lads_by_skvor-d8i51rr.jpgName: Alvar

Age: 32

Category: Restaurateur

Location: Tea Terrace

Description / Demeanor

Alvar runs the Tea Terrace in the Rhaenys District of King's Landing with his wife, Clara.

He is a quiet man who takes pleasure in the simple enjoyment of life, the company of his wife, and cooking at his restaurant.

Most folks who have met Alvar would describe him as humble, creative, and hard-working.


Alvar was raised comfortably as the son of a rich silk merchant in King's Landing. His parents were even able to afford a tutor for him while he learned the family business. However, when it came time for the young lad to get married, he discovered that his parents had arranged a marriage without his consent to a young lass of minor nobility from the Riverlands.

Alvar, always the good son and grateful for everything his parents had been able to provide for him, tried his best to court the lady, but as the date of their nuptials drew ever closer, he reached a breaking point. He did not love his fiancee, and the thought of spending years with someone whom he felt nothing for crushed his spirits.

As a last-ditch effort, Alvar went to a seedy apothecary in Flea Bottom where he had heard there were plenty of strong potions of dubious legality. As he was about to purchase a love potion, he laid eyes on the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen stocking the shelves. For Alvar, it was love at first sight. He proposed then and there, and strangely, the woman accepted.

The couple hit it off fabulously, and soon Alvar had bolstered enough courage to tell his parents that the wedding was off. He took his substantial inheritance and used to it to buy the Tea Terrace, where he and his wife work until this day.