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House: Stahlhardt
Kingdom: Westerlands

History: Alixendria Stahlhardt, affectionately called Alixia, was born in 279 to Lord Richter and Lady Galena Stahlhardt. She is their first and eldest daughter and was named in honor of their founder, Alixender Stahlhardt.

Alixia grew up in the loving arms of her father who was devoted and attentive to her every move. The whole castle quickly realized Alixia's rare intelligence shining behind her green eyes. Her bold personality mixed with her bright mind left all wheeling in her wake. Alixia is a pride and joy to her family. Growing up she spent most of her time rolling around in the mud with her brothers and half sister. She was tagged the devil child; her mischievous and daring nature fueled by her intelligence. Though her Septa tried everything in the book, Alixia developed a true skill for vulgarity. It also did not help that Lord Richter found it amazingly amusing.

Alixia has never known the true warmth of a mother. By the time Alixia was old enough to remember, Lady Galena had lost her sense of time. Alixia grew with her mother being a playmate of sorts. Lady Galena often remembers Alixia as her younger sister. Though the relationship is atypical, the two are very close. Though the Lady is mentally stuck in years past, her intelligence is still just as sharp and is the clear giver of Alixia's intellect. They are good company for one another. Lady Galena admires Alixia's boldness and encourages her in her individuality, while Alixia's crassness tickles Gally's silly side.

Unlike either of her brothers, Alixia had an innate capability to work with others. She was strong enough to stand on her own, but she genuinely enjoyed the company of others. Alixia easily attracted friends from all ages and lives. Her ability to charm grew from her bold authenticity.

In 296 Alixendria traveled to King's Landing to become one of Princess Myrcella's Lady-in-Waiting. The Stahlhardts were heart broken to see Alixia leave, but they knew the opportunity would be greater than their sorrow and all were confident in her ability to play the Game of Thrones. She is most likely the best player of House Stahlhardt and the most likely to achieve the greatest for the family.

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