Name: Alister ThornmarchAlisterThorn.jpg
Age: 21
House: Thornmarch
Kingdom: The Reach

Alister Thornmarch was not a happy child. His grandfather was involved in his upbringing from a young age, and drove the boy to suffer no weakness, to become a fearsome knight and ruthless noble. However the world has not cooperated with young Alister, who has had no great war to prove himself in, has no lands to prove his firm iron grip over, and is from a branch of his family that will inherit nothing if his distant cousin marries and produces heirs of her own. He has become bitter and desperate, seeking to escape the anonymity he fears is crushing down on him. To this end he has hatched a scheme to marry Ellia that he may take lordship of Thornmarch, and is furious that she rebuffs him at every turn whether he tries being kind or domineering.

He despises Marcus Vitarrion, as a young lord who already had everything swooping in to steal what chance he had. Finding the boy alone with Ellia was a stroke of what Alister considers divine grace, allowing him to stretch the truth and firmly drive a wedge between House Thornmarch and House Vitarrion.

Important Abilities, Notable Equipment, Specialties:
Alister is a brutal but untested warrior, and while he's clumsy with machinations and manipulating people he has almost a total lack of empathy. Self-centered in the extreme, Alister's greatest fear is being no one important, and this both gives him a desperate strength and an extremely fragile ego.