Image Depiction of Alistar Freitas

Name: Lord Alistar Freitas
House: Freitas
Kingdom: Dorne


Alistar is a greedy and status-hungry man who is also the lord of House Freitas. He strives to make his family name significant throughout the lands of Westeros at any cost. He is driven by his greed, which allows him manage a successful gambling den/brothel called the Sand Sweep.


Alistar fought alongside his father, Lord Andres Freitas, during Robert's Rebellion in the Battle of the Trident. Lord Andres was killed in the battle, and in honor of his father's bravery, Lady Byre granted Alistar land in the Broken Arm upon which House Freitas was founded. Towards the end of Robert’s Rebellion, the Lannisters betrayed the Royalists and murdered the Mad King. During the sack of King’s Landing, two Lannister knights murdered the captive Princess Elia Martell and her children. Still grieving for his father’s death, Lord Alistar Freitas was driven mad by the feeling of shame, distrust, and failure caused by the Lannister’s traitorous motions. Lord Freitas zealously supported Oberyn Martell in his attempts to continue the war in the name of Viserys Targaryen, though ultimately his desire for revenge would remain unsatisfied.

Lord Freitas is now married to Lady Devarra Freitas, and is the father of three children; Carlotta, Evelyn, and Andres. His younger sister, Lilianna, is the keeper of Sand Sweep.

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