Alector Destine

Age: 27
Alector.jpgRole: Advisor
Goal: Knowledge
Motivation: Lust
Virtue: Just
Vice: Prejudiced
User: Roombas

Early Life

Alector Destine was born the poor son of a farming family in the Amaranthine Dell. At an early age he was taught to harvest grapes for the wineries, but he always dreamt of achieving more in life. A shy child, Alector showed signs of higher intelligence in his childhood, but was unable to be formally educated due to the Destine’s position. When Alector was fourteen years old, the Destines found themselves without a means to pay the Blackrayne Family, a group of bandits that would extort a share of the crop from farmers. In response, the leader slew Alector’s parents in front of him. Alector tried defending himself with a kitchen knife, but was relatively unskilled and easily disarmed. However, the leader saw that Alector showed spirit and decided to instead take him with them.

Kidnapped Years

In addition to his intelligence, Alector also showed an aptitude for stealth. The bandits saw this as an opportunity to gain a new member and began to cultivate his skill. They would take Alector on raids and teach him skills such as how to move silently through cluttered houses and how to stay unseen in the shadows. However, the skill Alector proved strongest at was simply talking. Alector had a way with words and was easily able to persuade others to perform favors for him. It was during his pubescent years that Alector learned that sex was a useful tool in garnering information, and that information was just as useful in obtaining sex.

Alector proved adept at these tasks, but he never felt like he belonged with the bandits. Frequently he would utilize his newfound abilities to attempt an escape. Unfortunately, there were always scouts that would catch him and bring him back before the leader, where he would be savagely beaten. Despite his harsh treatment, there were some things that even the bandits could not force him to do; Alector would not kill the innocent people he was robbing. The bandits punished him severely, but Alector bore it, knowing he had preserved his humanity.

One moonless night, after a particularly successful raid, Alector saw an opportunity to attempt one more escape. Many of the bandits were drunk, and after collecting his precious few items, Alector slipped inside the bandit leader's tent. He found the leader passed out in his bed with one of the compound’s whores. Alector slit the leader's throat with his own blade and,taking the blade for himself, stumbled towards the gate, feigning intoxication. He found one of the scouts, standing guard. After Alector managed to intoxicate the guard, he slipped past him into the night, and did not stop running until he was safe. (See: In The Wind)

Antirran Years

After five years in captivity, Alector managed to escape from the bandits and found himself in Merlot. He sought out the lord and told him of the outlaw’s location. After they had been wiped out, Lord Jarden thanked Alector with a formal education, something that he had always desired as a child. After its completion, Alector began tutoring Owena Antirran, who he gets along well with. Alector came to live in a modest room in Cellarhall, where his proximity to Lord Jarden proved beneficial in developing relations with the Antirrans, as well as with their household. Alector quickly made friends with many of the members of the household and when the previous advisor passed away, Lord Jarden named Alector as his replacement. Harboring a deep resentment of his years in captivity, Alector uses his newfound position of power to eradicate the bandit threat that still plagues the Amaranthine Dell.

Personality/Daily Life

During his years of captivity, Alector developed a deep hatred for outlaws and criminals, as well as a strong sense of justice. The notion of "an eye for an eye" is one that Alector uses to determine his actions. Before reaching a position of authority, Alector attempted to reprimand bullying he noticed in the household, but was ultimately ineffective. He is very protective of those he deems close to him, but finds it difficult to develop these connections. He is typically outgoing and friendly, charming many of the people he comes in contact with, but mostly sees people as allies, not friends. Alector is prone to overreacting and occasionally allows his emotions to get the better of his decision making.

Alector is constantly surveying his environments, a tactic he picked up from his bandit kidnappers. People that do not know Alector and his habits often take this as a sign of disinterest, but gradually accept that it is simply a habit. Since childhood, Alector has popped his lips when situations would become awkward, in an attempt to lighten the mood. What started as a joke has now become a habit, and will often do so even if no one is watching.

(See: The Red Ambassador)

Events of King's Landing

When Alector arrived at King’s Landing, he was still in the service of House Antirran. After persuading Lord Jarden that he should attend the Hand’s Tourney instead to investigate embezzlement charges against Gavin Oakheart, Alector was assigned management of preparations at the feasts. After the unexpected arrival of a drunken Lord Jarden, the duty of looking after him fell to Alector as well. Unfortunately, due to his responsibilities at the feast, Alector was unable to take proper care of his Lord and had Gavin pay a guard to do so.

This event shattered Alector’s faith in the house; he could not see himself serving a drunken fool any longer. Alector resolved to take matters into his own hands and decided to contact the nearest source of power: Lord Petyr Baelish. Alector saw him as a man who shared his devotion to justice and told how Gavin had been stealing from the house for years, as well as his suspicions surrounding Darus’s failing health. He continued by demonstrating the lack of leadership potential the other members of the house possessed and how Alector could restore the house to glory. He proposed to Littlefinger that if made Lord of the house, the two could enter into a mutually beneficial partnership when it came to the selling of Antirran wines. Alector walked away from the meeting believing himself to have a powerful new ally. However, Littlefinger betrayed Alector, conveying his schemes to Lord Jarden and falsifying the ledgers to extort money from the already crumbling house.

Alector scrambles to try and save his house, but after his plans are outed to Lord Jarden, he knows his schemes are futile. To prove his continued devotion to the house, Alector remains in King’s Landing to manage the house’s affairs. However, after months of serving a meaningless job and being treated poorly, Alector abandons the house and continues on his own.


The remainder of Alector’s life is carried out deprived of happiness. After losing his position as advisor and abandoning the house, he wanders the streets of King’s Landing, hoping to find someone that could make use of his skills. Unfortunately, he was unable to ever find a lasting position that he felt as devoted to as he had in House Antirran. Mostly, he made his way in the world by lending his advice to those who sought it. With the little coin he made, he was able to rent a room above The Guttered Candle, one of the larger brothels on the west side of King’s Landing.

When his coin ran out, the business owner, Madam Tamara, came to his room to evict him, but found him to be an orderly man who had fallen on hard times. Having been there herself, and seeing an opportunity to share the workload of her rapidly expanding business, she offered him a position coordinating the appointments of her clients. With nowhere else to go, Alector accepted.

While under the employ of Madam Tamara, Alector struck up a relationship with one of the whores, Kayla. They grew closer to each other and, while they found they had wonderful chemistry between them, Alector was never comfortable with the nature of Kayla’s profession. He urged her to leave with him, but it was not meant to be. Crestfallen, he left the Guttered Candle. Eventually, he found business with a local wine merchant who found his knowledge of wine invaluable. The two became partners and Alector was offered the hand of the merchant’s daughter. While she was comely enough, Alector found that there was no attraction between them. He accepted the betrothal, but spent the remainder of his days in spiraling bouts of depression.

Player Postmortem

Originally, I felt that Alector was going to be a very enjoyable character to explore. His history as the apprentice to bandits felt like it had ample room to expand upon, and I was very excited to play up his ability to talk his way to power. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for Alector.

I would not consider his character to be successful, as his story arch consisted of mostly failed schemes and being cast down by those around him. He was a depressing character that I eventually grew to resent by the end of the semester. I understand that the world isn’t always fair and people do get kicked while they are down in reality, but from the perspective of a reader, I wouldn’t find Alector to be engaging at all. Because he is surrounded by nothing but failure, after a while he struck me as useless rather than someone I want to root for.

Alector changed over the course of the story, but it was too late when he did. By the end, he had learned the hard truth that justice is a lie and that there is no profit in being the “good guy.” If I had to create him all over again, I definitely would not have specialized my skillset as much as I did. His ability to persuade and smooth-talk was never really available to him and I found that he was put in situations where he had to use his lower valued skills.


Animal Handling


Empathy (+2)

Bluff (+2)






Charm (+2)



Sleight of Hand (+2)


Intrigue Defense: 11
Combat Defense: 9
Composure: 9
Health: 6

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