Name: Alcian Thornmarch
Age: 56AlcianThorn.jpg
House: Thornmarch
Kingdom: The Reach

Alcian Thornmarch was born merely minutes after his older brother, which he cites as his first and greatest failure when among friends and in the cups. From a young age he was strong, sharp, and vicious, feeling robbed by the small twist of fate that saw him exit the womb late.

However he served his house faithfully, and became his brother's most valuable ally as they both came of age. Alcian's proudest moment was in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, where he fought alongside Barristan Selmy, Gerold Hightower and even Aerys II. He heard stories of the weakness of Tytos Lannister from the man's jaded son, and feared his own brother, who did not go to war, was the same.

Alcian returned home to no great acclaim, but seeing weakness everywhere. When smallfolk, particularly veterans of the War, complained about taxes and wished for some forgiveness of debt, Alcian wished to make an example of them by stringing them up in the town squares. His brother was horrified at such a suggestion, and refused to consider it. The brothers continued to butt heads for years, Alcian always pushing for further proof of strength to keep their neighbors, their smallfolk, even their liege lords in line.

When his brother was killed in a shipwreck off the west coast of Westeros, Alcian did not mourn him. He instead simply lamented that the former lord of the house had produced a son, and that lordship should not pass to him and his own line (born of an unhappy marriage with a disinterested wife). However Anias Thornmarch proved far more pliable than his father, and in him Alcian began instilling a need to prove the strength of their house. Anias ultimately allowed Alcian much leeway in conducting Thornmarch business, and for most purposes Alcian in truth rules the House.

Robert's Rebellion saw a new war for Alcian to prove the House's strength in. Word came in that a neighboring House was arguing against going to war, claiming perhaps that Aerys II was the madman Robert was right to overthrow. Alcian drove Anais to assault the house, and when the family's keep lay besieged, told him they must be punished for their insolence, and that House Thornmarch must prove its loyalty and determination. Anias relented, and gave the words Alcian put into his mouth. Alcian personally lead the final assault, and impaled the remaining members of the family (which begged for mercy) on his sword. Anias returned home after this slaughter, and Alcian took the reigns of the house for the duration of the war.

After the war, Anias surprised Alcian by taking his own initiative, demanding the lands of their slaughtered foes. He came to see that Anias was not the weak pliable lord he thought him, and that his nephew had learned his lessons. This pleased Alcian greatly. However this new strength in his nephew also led to an increase in their butting heads.

The first major disagreement came when Ellia, Anias' daughter, was coming of age. Alcian wished to marry her to his own grandson Alister, whom Alcian insisted was a worthy lord and knew would otherwise have no chance in coming to rule on his own. Anias however cared too much for his daughter to simply allow this, and knew she hated Alister. So he went forth and looked not only away from Alcian's grandson, but beyond the Reach entirely, ultimately bringing Marcus Vitarrion to Thornmarch to judge him as a match.

Alcian was incensed by the young Vitarrion, but dared not test Anias' spine if he pushed the issue, for his nephew had proven stronger willed than he thought. Alister and Alcian schemed, but ultimately it was nothing they did, but the young lover's own mistake that gave him an opening. With small exaggerations of a clandestine meeting between Marcus and Ellia, Alcian drove Anias into a rage, and the Lord of Thornmarch over-reacted.

With war avoided, Alcian now pushes Anias every day to accept his grandson as a match, pointing to Ellia's own rebellious nature (as she rejected other suitors out of hand) as dangerous to match outside the house. While Anias has not agreed yet, Alcian feels his resolve is weakening, and hopes soon his own stronger line will rule Thornmarch. Else an accident might need to occur.

Important Abilities, Notable Equipment, Specialties:
Alcian is an old man now, but a fierce warrior in his youth. Far more than that, however, he is a manipulator, seeking to turn men and women (whether higher or lower status) to his ends. He despises weakness, and refuses to ever back down once he's set his mind to something.