Character: Devarra Freitas
House: Freitas
Kingdom: Dorne



Devarra paced the stone floor of the dining hall. The seconds slunk by like a weary traveller, cowering under the desert sun.

She hadn’t slept that night, not after receiving the news. Her husband had come to her with such excitement in his eyes. Mere hours ago, she’d watched his caravan leave for King’s Landing. She’d watched the sun come up soon after.

Alistar was going to King’s Landing, and she was expected to follow. With the rest of the house in tow, naturally.

She ran a nervous hand through her hair.


She’d have to help the children pack. Andres wouldn’t be a problem, but Evelyn would surely have a fit and insist on doing it herself. If her daughter was allowed to have her way, gods know what state of unpreparedness they might arrive in. She’s at a difficult age, people told her. She didn’t remember acting quite so willfully at that age. Perhaps if the circumstances had differed...

The sun was high on the horizon now. Its light shone through the windows, illuminating dust motes floating on the air. They scattered as Devarra strode by.

She’d called on the first three people who came to mind to pass on her husband’s news. His sister, and probably the closest thing Devarra had to a friend, Lilianna. Then there was Reidyn, who, as her husbands advisor, had every right to know of his leaving as soon as possible. Lastly was her dearest daughter, Carlotta. Unlike her brother and sister, Carlotta was no longer a child, and so Devarra would not hide the details of their trips purpose from her.

She had no need to ponder how she’d tell them of their impending journey, or their stay in King’s Landing of a yet undetermined length. She had spent a good deal of the night deciding that. She wasn’t sure how they’d take the news. Hopefully better than she had, for she still found herself reeling.


Alistar was so thrilled at this opportunity. Where Devarra saw a difficult trip to an undesirable location, he saw the chance to further House Freitas. To make us known, he’d said, in not so few words. But she cared little for such things. What could going to King’s Landing provide for them that they couldn’t already make for themselves here in Dorne?

Devarra hadn’t been north of the mountains since marrying Alistar. Dorne was her home now. The Riverlands seemed like a distant, unpleasant memory. Recalling it only left her chest feeling empty and cold, and her mouth filled with a bitter, metallic taste. King’s Landing would be no different, full of fair-skinned men and women like her father and his wife. People who would look straight through her.

No, she told herself, it won’t be like then. Her husband would be there. She had her family now. She would not be alone.

A servant boy padded into the room quietly, and set a tray of fresh bread and cheese on the table. He flinched when he noticed her gaze, ducking his head in an attempt at a bow. She nodded back at him, offering a tired smile before he scampered back to the kitchen.

The smell of the bread filled the room, warm and heady, with a hint of rosemary. She hadn’t realized how famished she’d been until she found herself reaching for a second piece of the baked delight.

She returned to pacing the length of the room as she chewed thoughtfully. Perhaps there was opportunity in this trip that she hadn’t been able to see before. Sure, if she could help House Freitas get a leg up she would, but perhaps there was more to it than that.

Carlotta had grown into an independent young woman. She would inherit the house and its lands from her father when the time came. Devarra didn’t have a reason to fear for her future. Her other two children, however, would not have titles thrust upon them in return for nothing.


Her pace quickened.

For Evelyn, especially, this was a crucial time. She’d be of age to marry soon enough. And marriage could bring with it so many possibilities.

Her eyes gleamed like the waters of the oasis, visible just through the windows.

Perhaps Alistar had been right, and there was more opportunity in King’s Landing for their family than she’d imagined.

She spun to face the door as it opened, her smile stretching wider than might be considered natural, as her eldest daughter walked in.

Carlotta yawned, covering her mouth with one delicate hand. Devarra gripped the young woman’s shoulders gently.

“Good morning, my dear heart,” she greeted, exuberance coloring her voice, “I have such news!”

“What is it?” Carlotta asked blearily.

“Your father’s already left for King’s Landing, and we’re to prepare and follow him as quickly as we can manage.”

“King’s Landing?” her ears perked at the name. “What for?”

“Patience, my girl. All in good time.”

The door opened once more as Lilianna strode in, followed by Reidyn. Devarra turned to face them, brimming with barely contained glee.